101 Amazing Things To Do On Your Birthday

So, your birthday is coming up and you are at a loss as to what to do or how to celebrate it. What if I told you I can give you a list of 101 amazing things to do on your birthday? Do you think that would help spark up ideas? Perhaps you are even asking yourself if or why you should celebrate your birthday?

Let’s start with the last point, why should you celebrate your birthday, each and every single one of them? Firstly, let me clarify that ‘celebrating’ your birthday doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money or having a party or any frivolous ‘loud’ activity to celebrate it. It can be something as simple as being alone in your house on your birthday or going to a church or mosque or any other religious house, or any such quiet event.

‘Celebration’ as used this sense simply means recognizing and being grateful for the fact that you have lived another year on earth when so many other people have not. And perhaps at the same time, taking stock of your years on earth so far and resolving to spend the next year before your next birthday, by trying to live up to the potential that you have been giving and to make your world a better place to live in.

Also, Celebration, if it is to involve any form of celebratory activity, is simply your own way of recognizing the fact of being alive and living another year. It is simply a way of showing your happiness and gratitude at being alive. For when people are happy, they usually exhibit that happiness one way or another, whether by smiling or listening to music and dancing, or whatever the case may be.

So in your case, you are showing your happiness at being alive on the anniversary of your birth by engaging in any of the below activities that are being suggested you engage in, or any other one you decide to do, which is what constitutes the term ‘celebration.’
As to the other question of what or how to celebrate your birthday, I present to you my list of 101 things that you could do, or at least that might give you ideas around what to do on your birthday. You can, of course, do one of them, or as many of them as you are able to do in celebrating your birthday.

Also, just because an idea is under a sub-heading doesn’t mean it can’t be done for your specific circumstance. For example, just because an idea falls under “Fun and Exciting things to do” doesn’t mean you can’t do that same thing for your brother, or sister on their birthday.

So, let’s get started, presented below is my ultimate list of:

101 Amazing Things to do on your Birthday

  1. Fun and Exciting Things to do on your birthday
  2. Free or Cheap things to do on your birthday
  3. Cool things to do on your birthday
  4. Things to do on your birthday alone
  5. Unique things to do on your birthday

Fun Things to do on your birthday

  1. Celebrate with your Birthday Mates: Perhaps for obvious reasons, one of my most favorite celebration ideas is to celebrate it with people who share a similar birthday with you. It perhaps becomes more exciting if these birthday mates are people whom you have never met before. For you’ll have so much to talk about, new friendships and relationships to begin and more. And where exactly would you find these birthday mates? Well, one good place to start is on our Birthday Mates website.

    101 Amazing Things to do on your birthday in 2018

  2. Horseback riding: It’ll surprise you to learn that there are so many people out there who have never been on horseback (myself included,) but I know from ‘second hand’ experience that it can be an awesome past time. So if this is something you have never done before, or even if you have, consider getting on horseback for a few hours for your next birthday and ride (or at least learn to ride) around some place, be it at the beach, a farm, or anywhere in the city where such is doable.

    Want to make it more fun? Take along several of your friends, say even a party of 10 people, including a significant other if he or she exists. Of course, this isn’t something you would do all day long, so you can dedicate say 2 – 3 hours to riding, after which you would do something else for the rest of your birthday. And that something else could be any one of the numerous things in this list

  3. Wonder wheel: Nothing beats being high up in the sky and looking down below. While yes, you can easily achieve this objective by being or going up in a high rise building, it can however never be the same when you do so in a wonder wheel. The difference being the circular movement. Being up in a building is quite boring in that you are stuck in the same spot. But when in motion, it takes the experience to a new level, and this is what a wonder wheel does.

    Not only do you get to be so high up in the sky, but you keep getting a different angle and take of things with the circular smooth motion.

    Celebrate your birthday celebration in a wonder wheel

  1. Roller Coaster: The rush and excitement that a roller coaster ride gives you just cannot be imagined or explained to you. It has to be experienced to be appreciated and enjoyed. The adrenaline you experience, the unexpected things that could happen, e.g. You or other people throwing up, the screams, and laughter, or possibly all of these combined and more makes this an awesome thing to do for your birthday.

    birthday celebration on a roller coaster.

  1. Take a Helicopter Ride: Still on the topic of being in the high up in the sky and the thrill it can bring, a helicopter ride might perhaps top this list. The ability to cover large distances while in the sky, the speed that a helicopter can travel, the views, are all things that makes this a worthwhile way to spend several hours of your birthday. A Helicopter ride is perhaps a roller coaster, and a wonder wheel combined.

    helicopter ride birthday celebration

  1. Test drive a dream car (maybe an open roof car): If you have at any point in your life said or thought to yourself how a particular car or brand of car is your favourite car. And how if you had your way, that specific car would be the one you would get. Then why not look into going to find that car, or the latest version of that car and take it for a test drive. Cos let’s face it unless you are doing quite well financially, you might not (presently) be able to afford to buy this dream car of yours.

    So, for the time being, why not treat yourself and at least be able to drive such a car as a ‘gift’ to yourself on your birthday. So why not head over to a car dealer and ask to test drive this dream car of yours. Provided of course you can meet any requirements that the car dealership might have before you can take the car out of their show room.test drive an exotic car for your birthday

  1. Rent a good (speed?) motorbike: Have you heard the term “adrenaline junkie?” Or wondered what it is that makes so many people love to get on racing bikes and formula one cars? In one word, Speed. Speed brings out what is called adrenaline, defined as a “hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that increase the rate of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and prepares muscles for exertion.”

    One thing this increased blood circulation, breathing and metabolism can do, is to get you amped up about whatever activity is causing these reactions, which in turn makes it more excitable. This activity is of course not for everyone, but if you think you are someone who can handle the excitement of speed, then this might be something worthwhile and fun to do on your birthday.

    speed biking on your birthday

  1. Parachute from a plane (or maybe a tall building): Again, similar to the Renting of a good (speed?) motorbike, the theme of this activity is adrenaline and excitement. Of course, this is also not for everyone, but if you have the ‘balls’ to do this, it is very likely one of the things that will stick to your memory for many years to come.

    parachuting from a place to celebrate your birthday

  2. Go Bungee Jumping: Yet another extreme birthday activity you can do. If of course, you have the heart for it.

    Bungee Jump to celebrate your birthday.

  3. Karaoke: Ever watch Idols, or America’s Got Talent (or any of the other country versions,) or any other such talent shows? Ever laughed at many of the contestants who sing or perform terribly? Laughing at them implies you can do better. Right? Well, why not prove it, by going to a karaoke for your birthday, inviting as many family and friends.

    Of course, the main objective would be to celebrate your birthday, while of course having fun, or at least giving your family and friends, and the other people at the venue, a chance to poke fun at you as you do those Idols contestants. However, an absolute must is that a video recording of you singing must be made, so you can also watch yourself sing at a later time and join your friends in laughing at yourself. Unless of course, the video ends up on the internet and you end up being the next Taylor Swift or Chris Brown.

  1. Attend a comedy show: When was the last time you really laughed? And perhaps laughed so much and so hard until your tummy hurt? If you have never done it, you definitely need to try it, perhaps for your next birthday. If you have done it before, you know first-hand how much fun it can be.

    Stand up comedy: things to do on your birthday

  2. Bumper cars: I have never heard of anyone who rode in a bumper car and didn’t have a helluva time.
  3. Have a Party: Of course, this is quite a traditional thing to do. But what if it has been several years since you had a party to celebrate your birthday. For instance, I can tell you that the last time I had a birthday party was 25 years ago. So if you were the one who wrote this blog and you were speaking to me and recommending I have a birthday party, it could actually make me think how it actually has been over 2 decades since I had a birthday party. And it would definitely sound like a fabulous idea.
  1. Paragliding: This is smooth sailing in the air, without the noise of an engine from a plane or chopper. This is almost like you being a bird and gliding from place to place. Feeling as free as a bird has to be a good way to spend a birthday. Not so?

    paraglide for your birthday -3

Free or Cheap Things To Do on your Birthday

  1. Go on a Picnic:  Being out in nature enjoying a picnic with a few special friends with good food can be quite a relaxing past time. More so if you are one who is constantly busy with work or school or any other project all the time. Weather permitting, this might be an excellent way to spend several hours of your birthday, while at the same time spending minimally, as most picnic food can be made at home.

    Things to do on your birthday- Go on a picnic.
  2. Go window shopping: Unless you are a monk who has vowed to live a life of detachment from worldly things. Or unless you are a Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, or at least do very well for yourself financially, the vast majority of people have things that they wish they could have, but can’t afford it. Perhaps something seen on TV, or in magazines or online?

    Why not treat yourself to the next best thing to actually buying the item- window shopping for those items. But hey, why limit yourself, by all means, don’t just window shop, go into the store and touch it, play with it, wear it, or whatever the case may be.

    Things to do on your birthday- window shopping

  3. Go on a hike: This can be considered a fun “work-out.” Heaven knows I won’t recommend you go to the Gym as a way to celebrate your birthday, cos you most likely won’t listen to me, but keeping healthy still is something that you should do, even on your birthday. And given all the food and cake you might eat later, why not go on a hike?

    Hikes are always sure to leave you in awe and reveal new things to you that you haven’t seen before, even if it is a regular trail. But by all means, go find a new trail. And oh remember the picnic I spoke of in number 15 above? This is easily something you could do after your hike. Maybe even while still on the trail.

    Things to do on your birthday- hiking

  4. Ride a Bicycle around your city: This would obviously be more appropriate for someone who does not do this on a regular basis or has not ridden a bicycle in many years, as is my case. If you spend your every day, week, and month driving in your car or taking the bus or train or subway, no doubt you would be very familiar with the routes you take daily.

    Well, for your birthday, why not ride around your city on a bicycle, to places you hardly visit, and with a companion of course. One thing it does is it lets you see your city from a different view point, with you riding by ever so slowly and noticing things more intently, as you won’t be zooming by in a car or train.Things to do on your birthday- ride a bike round the city

Cool Things To Do On Your Birthday

  1. Visit a theme park. Theme parks are fun without a doubt. And every day spent in one surely has to be considered a day well spent. Especially if you are in your teens.

  2. Climb a mountain: I have never climbed a mountain, but all the people I see on TV who go climbing mountains over and over must keep doing it for a specific reason. My best guess, and I have watched an interview of a mountain climber say this, is the sense of personal accomplishment they feel when they get to the top.
    So I guess if you do decide to climb a mountain on your birthday, you would have accomplished 2 things: making it another year on earth, and making it to the top of whatever mountain you decide to climb. And in case you are wondering just which is the best mountain to climb in the whole wide world, in my opinion, I’d have to give it to Cape Town’s Table Mountain.

Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

  1. Get yourself a spa treatment: Of course, this is more likely to be for the ladies. This no doubt is one of the favourite once-a-while past times of women. If you can afford it, why not go one up and get a 5-star spar treatment. Heck, make it a 6-star if such exists. It is your birthday after all.

  2. Get a very (unique) Tattoo: Unique is key here. And by unique, I mean a well thought out tattoo that will make people say “wow” one way or another when they see it. This is the exact same way I said “wow” when I saw the tattoo on my friend’s arm that read something along the lines of: “Everyone needs a hand once a while. Here, take mine.”Imagine your friend who is going through something at some point, who then sees such a tattoo on your arm, and how much more special it would be if you do indeed lend that arm, ear, or shoulder to lean on.

  3. Get Some Me Time: Everyone needs some ME time every once in a while. With this extremely fast-paced world we live in, sometimes you just need to stop and shut out everything for a little while and hear yourself breathe and think. Or maybe don’t think. Give your brain a recess. One often feels a bit more energized after such alone times.

  4. Buy yourself a Gift: Is there something you have always wanted but for whatever reason never got around to buying it? Even if it was because you could not really afford it? Well, even if things might be hard on you financially for a little while, why not say to yourself, “what da heck” and get yourself that item. It’s your birthday, enjoy life while you have it.

  5. Movie Night: Not a lot of people are keen to go to the movies alone, saying how weird or strange it is, or whatever other reason they give. Just like going out to a restaurant alone to eat, there is nothing wrong with going to a movie alone. You will simply be enjoying a good movie. And if by chance it turns out that you are single and wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, these are the kind of things you need to be doing and places you should be going to try and find that special person.

  6. Go to a Music Concert:  Is there a particular band or artist you like but have never seen perform live. Treat yourself to some good music and an electric atmosphere that a live concert can be. The music and environment will get you pumped up for the next activity you might want to engage in after the concert it over, should you wish to do more things. Oh, remember that “that you are single and wouldn’t mind being in a relationship” comment in idea 25 above? Yup, hot single chicks and single hunky “6-packed” dudes also go to concerts alone as well. Catch my drift? 

  7. Switch off all Electronics: No doubt this might be a tough one. But how about you give yourself a break from all things electronics for one day. I confess I have never consciously done it before, but in suggesting it to you, I think I am also giving myself a challenge come one of my upcoming birthdays. With all the distractions in our lives, and all the noise, wouldn’t it be nice to just “switch off” for a short while? No doubt you can still do any of the things mentioned in this list, but no taking your phone with you, or checking your email, or Facebooking or Twittering or whichever one you do. Imagine spending a few hours at a picnic with your partner with no distractions whatsoever by way of a call or text, WhatsApp, Facebook message, etc.

  8. Create a Bucket List: This is someone everyone should do. And what better time to create a bucket list than on your birthday. More so when you give yourself a time frame when you hope to have accomplished a certain number of items on the list.

Unique things to do on your birthday

  1. Give to Charity: Do you have more clothes, shoes, or other possessions than you need, or even want? Your birthday might be the right time to de-clutter your home, and make you feel good about helping others who have much less than you have, and whose lives can be made a bit better and easier with your un-used items. There are a gazillion charities out there that you can give to, be it your time, money, advice, etc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a good starting point if you are in the U.S, as is Make-a-Wish Foundation. If based in South Africa, there is True North as there is Kids Haven.
  2. Volunteer at a charity: Is there a children’s home that you know of? Or any charity or cause close to your heart? Your birthday might be the right time to visit them and give them some of your time.

  3. Give Blood: This might even be more unique if it is something you have never done before. The thought that there is a very big probability that your donated blood might at some point in time in the future save someone’s life, or at least help them recover from an illness, perhaps a life-threatening one. That would be your birthday gift to them.
  4. Become an organ donor: Like giving blood above, this no doubt will be a lifesaver. And while you might or will never know the person whose life you will save in the future. The fact that it will likely happen should give you something with which to feel good about yourself, and that would be your gift to yourself. For no doubt, one often feels good when you do something good for someone else. More so something as significant as saving a life.

    Things to do on your birthday- Become an organ donor and save 9 lives

  5. Donate your Received Gifts: Still in the spirit of giving. Why not tell your family and friends who might want to get you gifts that you intend to donate any gifts you receive to kids who have the same, or near the same birthday as you. Therefore, request that your gifts should be age-appropriate.

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