8 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday [Infographic.]

So, I've been doing quite some reading online and I have consistently been coming across one recurring question people keep asking which goes along the lines of: "My birthday is coming up. Can you suggest any birthday celebration ideas?"

[Update: 14th March 2016: I ended up doing a more thorough job of answering the above question. I did so by compiling a list of 101 things you can do on your birthday. You can read the article here]

It was always nice/funny to read some of the responses that people gave. And one time I actually did add my own voice to one such question.  Then it struck me. Why not make a visual representation of what my ideal birthday celebration would look like? So I created an infographic. See below.

While these are my take on 8 unique birthday celebration ideas, and everyone would have their own unique take on it, feel free to try out one of the suggested ideas in the below infographic and see if you won't have a blast.


birthday celebration ideas

Birthday Mates: 8 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas.