101 Amazing Things to do on your Birthday (Part 2)

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  1. Things to do for your boyfriend’s birthday
  2. Things to do for your girlfriend’s birthday
  3. Things to do for your wife’s birthday
  4. Things to do for your husband’s birthday
  5. Things to do for your mom’s birthday

34. Adopt a Birthday Buddy: There are several “Birthday Buddy” programs around the world, and for the most part, they typically work around the same premise of “adopting” someone with a similar birthday as you. Usually a child in need, or in foster care or such situations, and giving them an opportunity to be happy on their birthday, when they might otherwise not be. From Confetti Foundation and birthday-buddies.org in the U.S to Project Primrose in the UK and South Africa, to any of the SOS villages in several countries around the world like the one in Canada for instance.

Things to do on your birthday- Adopt a birthday buddy

35. Learn a new musical instrument: There are very few people on earth who don’t like or appreciate music. How much more do you think you would appreciate this music if you could actually create it yourself? In addition, there would be the sense of accomplishment you would feel when you have actually sufficiently learned the new instrument.

36. Buy Lunch for a Homeless Person: But don’t just buy them lunch, sit with them while they eat and talk with them. Yes, the day should be about you, but it can still be while you make someone else’s day. At the end of the day, you will almost be certain to feel good about yourself.

37. Call Up an Old Friend: I’m talking someone you haven’t spoken to in donkey years.

Things to do for your boyfriend’s birthday

38. Gaming Tournament:
Is your boyfriend a fan of or perhaps even addicted to video games? Does he have friends who often come over to binge on these games? Or maybe he goes to them? Why not plan a tournament of sorts between his friends, promising your boyfriend a special “kinky” treat if he wins, or even loses. But don’t tell him he still gets it if he loses.

39. Perform in Sexy underwear: Putting on a Beyoncé type of show in some sexy ass underwear can hardly fail to get him excited about his birthday, especially if you tell him what is coming up, perhaps in the morning, telling him the show will take place at night. So that he has something to look forward to all day, while you do other things with him during the day.

40. Hire a Camper Van: And go on a road trip for a few days, just the two of you. It would be a mixture of adventure and romance.

41. Lunch date at First Meeting Point: 
Unless you met him online, then it might be a nice idea to take him back to the place where you both met.

42. Treasure Hunt: 
Nothing like some mystery to spice up your love life.

43. Full Body Massage: With the stress a lot of people are under these days, how can it not be a birthday well spent when it is your girlfriend helping to melt all that stress away?

44. One Week Birthday Celebration: Why celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday just once on the specific day, when you can have a week-long celebration. Of course, it doesn’t have to be partying and drinking all week. It can be a simple activity each day, such as a movie on Monday, a concert on Tuesday, etc.

45. Wine tasting: This is almost always a fun activity, more so when there is a high possibility that someone will be getting tipsy, which can lead to all sorts of fun activities afterward.

46. Scuba Diving: This could easily have gone under the “Fun and Exciting Things to do,” but this also sits well as something awesome to do with your boyfriend on his birthday.

Things to do for your girlfriend’s birthday

47. 5-star Hotel experience: If she has never been to one, and if you can afford it, give her a 5-star hotel experience for one night.

48. Tour the City with her: Yes you might know every nook and corner of your city or the main parts of it, but have you ever wondered what it is that keeps bringing people from other countries year after year touring the place. Why not see your city from their perspective and hop on a tour bus.

49. Create a Facebook Page for her
: Create a Facebook page for her and get as many people that know her to post a message on the page for her. This page should contain as many pictures and videos of her as you can find. Perhaps you might be able to top the Facebook page below created by a mom for her kid on his birthday. A page that has over 2 million likes.

Things to do on your birthday- Create a Facebook page.

50. Rooftop Dinner: Weather permitting, a rooftop dinner with all the perks can be an extremely romantic event to celebrate a birthday.

Phew! We are almost halfway through this list of amazing things to do for your birthday. First off, thanks for reading thus far. I can only hope you have at least seen some ideas that have sparked some interest in you. Whether it is you celebrating an upcoming birthday, or if you are planning for someone else’s birthday.

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51. Flea Market Day: We all know women love to shop, and more so get good deals while shopping. A flea market is perhaps one of the best places to find antique and rare items. A day spent with the man you love, shopping for cheap, unique items is something she will cherish. More so if you can try to enjoy the shopping adventure with her.

52. Ocean Sailing: A day out on a sailboat, especially when the waters are calm and the skies clear can be magical. Add to that champagne, roses, maybe chocolate or some delicacy, and you can picture her bragging to her friends how she spent her birthday on a sailboat with her man.

Things to do for your wife’s birthday

53. Cook for her: I am not sure there isn’t a woman anywhere who wouldn’t appreciate her husband cooking for her. More so on her birthday, and more so when she spends a lot of time cooking for you and the kids. Go out of your way to cook something different from what she is used to.

54. Breakfast in bed: The best way to get her day started. Putting a smile on her beautiful face, with good food, beautiful and lovely smelling flowers, and anything else you can think of to start her day on a great note.

55. Weekend getaway: If you have kids, this is something she will very likely appreciate. A visit to a nearby city or town, to be alone with each other.

56. Love Poem: Remember the breakfast in bed idea in number 54 above? One more way to make that experience special is if you are able to write a moving poem straight from your heart that tells her why you love her and all the wonderful things about her.

57. Take her on an Ocean Liner: We all know women like to be spoilt as they should. So spoil her with that ocean cruise in that Titanic-like cruise liner, and have her smiling for a month after the cruise.

Things to do for your husband’s birthday

58. Favourite gadget: Go out shopping with him so he can find some of his favourite gadgets if that is something he is into. The point here is, don’t just go buy it for him, go with him to go hunting for it.

59. Sports equipment: Without doubt men and sports go together. In this case, if your husband does love to watch any particular sport, consider going out with him to get him the particular sports equipment.

60. Skiing: If this is an activity he enjoys, then consider spending a day or several hours with him at a ski resort.

61. Go on a road trip: Is there any place in your state or province, or even country you have seen on TV, or heard about and thought how beautiful or nice it seems, but you have never been there. Well if it’s possible, why not take a road trip there.
This no doubt is an excellent way to spend your husband’s birthday, possibly making it the weekend of his birthday.

Things to do for your mom’s birthday

62. Make a Picture Collage: Make a picture collage of as many pictures of her you can find. Either with her alone in the picture or with people. Make a wallpaper out of it and paste it all over the house. I’m talking every single inch.
Maybe invite her friends over for food and drinks.

Things to do for your mom’s birthday- Make a Picture Collage

63. Video Recording of Children: Get all her children to make a video recording of why they love her and why she is the best mom in the world. After all, she really is.

OK. Second best, only after my mum.

64. Write and Record a Song for her
: I’m talking professional recording. Studio and all. Remember Boys II Men’s “A Song for Mama”? Or Tupac’s “Dear Mama?” How do you think those women felt the first time and every time they hear those songs?
How about you give your mum that same feeling? One to last a lifetime no doubt.

65. Video Recording of Her Friends: Get some of her best and closest friends and family members to make a short 30-second video recording wishing your mum a happy birthday and saying anything special about her and why they love her.
Then put all these clips together in one single video, perhaps putting your own message at the very end. Then after a day of whatever other activities she might have engaged in to celebrate her birthday, give this video to her to watch, preferably with her husband and all her children around.

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