101 Amazing Things to do on your Birthday (Part. 3)

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  1. Things to do for your dad’s birthday
  2. Things to do for your brother’s birthday
  3. Things to do for your sister’s birthday
  4. Romantic things to do on your birthday
  5. Things to do on your birthday with family
  6. Things to do on your 18th birthday
  7. 21st birthday celebration ideas
  8. 40th birthday celebration ideas
  9. 50th birthday ideas

Things to do for your dad’s birthday

66. Childhood Friends: Find as many of his friends from his younger days, that he might not have seen in years, and get them together for a lunch or dinner.

67. Casino Evening: If your dad is someone who enjoys casinos, why not get him an all-day pass to a casino, taking with him whoever he wants, while having a blast doing whatever he wants.
Things to do for your dad’s birthday - Poker Night
68. Go Carting: This is perhaps one of the best bonding activities you can do with your dad. This combines exciting with fun and bonding.

69. A day of Golf: Golf seems to be one of the most favourite of sports for a lot of men, especially once they start to get a bit advanced in age.

70. Day at the Stadium: Is dad a sports fan? A day at his favourite game, especially if his team gets to win the match would be both a great bonding activity as well as a birthday well spent.

71. Camping: Another favourite past time for a lot of men. Also another favourite bonding ritual between a father and his kids. If this is something your dad is into, and perhaps hasn’t been able to do it in quite a while, chances are that he will love to celebrate his birthday this way with his children.

Things to do for your brother’s birthday

72. Paint Ball Fight: Many siblings go through the rivalry phase. Why not re-enact this by having a paintball contest, perhaps with several of your mutual friends. With the brothers on opposite sides naturally, perhaps even leading their respective teams.

73. Beach Party: It cannot be hard to imagine how appreciative your brother will be for the beach party you will throw him. For you know what beach parties are synonymous with- women in bikinis, booze, food, water, skinny dipping, music, women soaking wet, etc. etc.

How can all this not be an absolute blast of a birthday celebration?

Things to do for your sister’s birthday

  1. A Day at the Beach with her Girls: Girls often like to be and bond by themselves. So if she is in the mood for it, and you can seek the opinion of her friends, throw her a beach picnic just for her girls.
  2. Romantic Day with HER Partner: Don’t you love your sister so very much, as practically all guys do, that you would do anything for her? Well, her birthday is about her, not so? So why not make it about her, and the special guy in her life.No, I’m not referring to you, though you are just as special. I mean do something for her that involves her and her partner. If it’s a romantic dinner or getaway, or anything else. For one you make her happy, two you stack up some goodwill with her partner.

Romantic things to do on your birthday

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: How romantic would that be? Champagne, lovely view from the top, maybe soft music, and any other things you can think of to bring along.
  2. Manicure & Pedicure: Women love to be pampered and spoilt. Women also love their manicures and pedicures. Not exactly sure why, but perhaps because it makes them look and feel good for their man, or potential man. How romantic would it be if it was that very same man who was literally making the lady feel and look good by giving her a mani and pedi? Perhaps so she could return the favour in kind in the evening, in the bedroom.

Things to do on your birthday with family

  1. Board Games: Nothing beats a group of people having fun in a close-knit environment playing some game or the other. Be it board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, Cards, or any other type. The amount of laughter and fun that is almost certain to ring out from everyone.
  2. Watch a Movie together: A good classic family movie would be nice. Sound of Music perhaps? Gone with the Wind?
  3. Amusement Park: An ideal family activity that includes fun, and laughter, or fright, or great food and drinks, and great pictures and videos, and memories, and family bonding, and more.
  4. Water World: I am yet to hear of anyone who has never had fun while splashing around in water.
  5. Truth or Dare: An absolutely fun family affair that is sure to have everyone in stitches.
  6. Cabin in the Mountain: A family that escapes to the cabin once a while stays together. Ha. I’m talking B.S. But what if that were true? Wouldn’t that make you want to spend a few days in a cabin every other year?

Things to do on your birthday: According to your age.

Things to do on your 18th birthday

  1. Themed Party: There are a million possible theme’s that you can adopt for your party. So I won’t even bother suggesting any here. Basically, you just need to settle for something that interests you or that you are a fan of and go with it.
  2. Limousine Night: Limo’s are awesome no doubt. So how about renting a Limo and drive around at night, with a few of your friends, champagne and grubs at the ready, cruising the city streets. Call it a party in a Limo if you will.
  3. Buy a Lottery Ticket: Just maybe turning 18 might be the year when your life changes in a big way. Besides many things which you will now be able to legally do, depending on which country you reside in; like voting, drinking, joining the army, getting a drivers’ license, etc. Add to the list buying a lotto ticket. Who knows, all of these new things will be accompanied by one more thing. Riches. 

    Things to do on your birthday- buy a lottery ticket

  4. Go Karting: You have permission to feel like a kid one more time, before you stop being referred to one by your family and the law, and officially become an adult. Not that you will not or should not Go Kart even when you are much older, but at least no one can accuse you of doing “childish things” if you decide to do this on your 18th.

    Go kart o celebrate your birthday

  5. Fortune Telling: Get your fortune told. You know why? Cos I can foresee you are going to have an awesome life. But don’t listen to me, go and have a fortune teller confirm this for you. Then come back here to thank me.

21st birthday celebration ideas

  1. Kite Surfing: I am tempted to put this under the fun and exciting things to do category, as it is just that. But I thought, what the heck. 21-year-olds like to have fun too.
  2. Quad Biking: This could easily have fallen into the list of fun and exciting things to do as well, but that group got quite some ideas listed, I think someone celebrating their 21st birthday is entitled to some fun as well.Don’t you think so?
  3. Travel abroad: This will be particularly more exciting if you haven’t traveled abroad before. Traveling abroad for your 21st birthday can be seen as an adventure in 2 ways: First on its own merit, in that you get to see a new country and experience a new culture and more. Secondly, it can also be seen as the start of new things to come in your life as you reach this milestone age. Unsure where to visit? This awesome travel guide website gives 10 amazing places to visit.
  4. Bury a Time Capsule: You are still young, and the hope and prayer is that in some 30 years’ time, when you (or your family) will be researching what to do for your 50th birthday celebration, you go online to research, and by some stroke of luck, you come across this very same web page. The same web page that gave you the idea to bury a time capsule for your 21st Perhaps a time capsule you completely forgot about.Can you imagine the excitement that will come with remembering and going to dig it up?

40th birthday celebration ideas

  1. Comedy Roast: As in the famous Central Comedy Roast. If properly done, this will be a day of laughter and fun, as all Central Comedy Roasts I have seen on TV have been, and any other spin-offs.
  2. Remote Island Getaway: This is not like any other getaway perhaps to a 5-star hotel, this is to a remote island. This is so much more exclusive, romantic and breath-taking. All the more so if you can rent a private plane (or even fly it yourself,) be on the Island all by yourselves (though highly improbable.)
  3. Vegas: It often said how 40 is the new 20 and for good reason. At 40, you have on one hand reached a milestone and hopefully accomplished quite somethings in your life. On the other hand, you are still quite young and still relatively energetic. So why not celebrate this milestone with a trip to the City of Lights, AKA, Las Vegas.

50th birthday ideas

  1. Charity Party: At this age, it is not unlikely that the celebrant might be slowly starting to think more of such worthy causes, having hopefully lived a rather fulfilling life thus far. At this stage, the realization might slowly start to set in that they are starting a new phase in life when sooner rather than later, kids and younger people will start to call them old.So it just might be OK to have a charity party where the party, while for the celebrant, is more for a charity of the celebrant’s choice. Therefore, the real intention of the party might be to raise funds for a favourite charity of the celebrant.
  2. Safari: At this age, is it not an awesome idea to want to wonder at the marvel that are animals, from the very large, to the very fast, from the very weak to the very strong (aka King Lion) and everything in-between.If the celebrant has never been on a safari, I guarantee you that a first-time safari visit is always one to remember. 
  3. Scavenger Hunt: Of course this does not be anything extreme that involves any particularly strenuous activities or hunt. But the main items can be things from both your lives over the years. Perhaps dug up from the attic.
  4. Live Band: At this somewhat unique milestone age, chances are that people celebrating their birthday might rather prefer something more low key, with family, friends, neighbours, and more. And the one thing that can make such a gathering even livelier is a live band. One more idea, make it a gathering for 50 people.
  5. Trip to Paris: What better way to celebrate a half-a-century birthday than with a trip to the eternal city of love.
  6. Book a Magician: Who says only kids are enthralled and fascinated by magicians? Provided you get a “real” magician, even 50-year young “children” will always get a kick out of seeing magicians perform the most amazing tricks.

In Rounding Off

Is there some idea or activity that you know of that hasn’t been listed in this Holy Grail of 101 amazing things to do on your birthdayThen do by all means drop a comment telling us about it. At the same time, is there an idea that I have listed that you have found interesting and intend to do?

Do please let us know which idea it Is and more importantly come back and let us know how your birthday went. Sharing pictures and videos. Lastly, *HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.*

Lastly, if you have gotten any ideas from this blog post that you think you will use for your next birthday, or that you will recommend to a friend, do please share with a friend.